Wednesday, July 7, 2010

White-headed Woodpecker

Awh the joys of parenting.  I have to laugh while watching this Adult female and juvenile White-headed Woodpecker.  These two stayed for what seemed a long period of time.  I'm sure the nest was in close proximity to my back deck though I was unable to spot it.

This baby followed Mom about fluttering it's wings while constantly making the sweet little sounds all day.   What a lovely site.  I was sorry to see them go move along.

The adult is on the left with it's distinct red mark further back on it's head.

White-headed Woodpeckers are found in mountain conifers.  I checked the regional map and it appears this species Picoides albolarvatus has a range from Southern California up to the Canadian border, or up to Washington.

As I type here at my desk I hear the sounds of Black-headed Grosbeaks.  There are four at the feeder now.  Talk about shy!  I have yet to capture any close shots of them.  The minute they spot me, they are off like a shot.

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